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Philanthropic Partner

TheNASCAR Foundation is a leading charity that works to improve the lives of children who need it most in our NASCAR communities. CLASH Endurance is dedicated to helping the NASCAR Foundation achieve its mission.

CLASH Endurance Ambassadors

Joy McAdams

Joe Ventura

Naomi Ventura

Jeanette Crowley

Amanda Bond

Justin Burrows

Lindsey Courson

Anna Pertl

Dan McNeil


That's funny. We were just talking about how we'd love to partner with you!

We don't do transactional - we prefer real, mutually beneficial, relationships with our partners. This can include everything from title sponsorships, sports science, digital content, television and social media collaborations. We can help you launch your product, test your product or teach people about your product or service. Let's have a chat. Click to Email us.

Strategic partnerships. Not old school logo slap sponsorship. We're extremely creative, digitally savvy, experienced across all formats and mediums and listen you you first. We're not selling anything, we're looking for partners that wish to grow along side of CLASH Endurance. We're going to put time into understanding your objectives and customize a program that makes sense for you and your business. We don't do Gold/Silver/Bronze - we do custom.

Depends. We've seen a lot of bullying in the space and don't wish to particpate. We want our athletes to promote their sponsorships without handcuffs. And we wish to promote our partners across our venues, TV, streaming and social media channels in very authentic formats. When a partnership warrants exclusivity, we will entertain it - but only if it doesn't hurt the athlete or the sport.

No. In the past we have collaborated on races, but are wholly independent and privately owned. We do adhere to the PTO point system. We have a fantastic relationship with Challenge Family having purchased the Daytona and Miami rights from them. We are independent but do provide entries to their championship events. We are CLASH Endurance.

We lead with value, your objectives and design around real goals. We measure and provide analytics for your partnership package at the end of each year. This is not just an exported cookie cutter report (although who doesn't love cookies?) - we are analysts and we will show you exactly what/why/how our partnership worked.