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CLASH Endurance is a privately owned sports-media and endurance event company based in Daytona Beach at One Daytona. We're made up of experienced endurance sports athletes, operators and digital marketers that have a passion for building new experiences and listening to our customers. We know what is missing and who is missing it - and that's why we're here. Not to replace but to bring the fun back.

HISTORY - In 2018, 2019 and 2020 CHALLENGE Daytona was operated by CHALLENGE North America, which hosted the PTO Championship at the 2020 race. In 2019 and 2020 CHALLENGE Miami was operated by CHALLENGE North America. Today CLASH Endurance is privately owned and not directly affiliated with Challenge Family, PTO or any other entity. We're CLASH Endurance.

Most of them. The traditional ones like Triathlon (Swimming, Biking, Running), Duathlon (Run, Bike, Run), Cycling, Running and interests like Mountain Biking and Trail Running. We will also be adding to our sport portfolio as we move forward. If it sounds fun, we're talking about it. If you're an innovator in the space, reach out.

We care. CLASH Endurance doesn’t just talk about growing the sport, supporting diversity and inclusion and providing great customer service to athletes, we do it. We respond to emails and social posts and as athletes ourselves, we understand what makes a great event. We also want to participate in the endurance community. Family isn’t just a slogan to us.

Remember when endurance sports used to be fun? That's where we come in.

Glad you asked! We currently have a variety of events, all hosted at iconic speedways with convenient camping and RV rental options. While we are making some adjustments in 2023 we will host Triathlon and Cycling events in Daytona and Miami, as well as the Daytona 2 Beach Half Marathon.

We don't have any. What we do is unique and largely unduplicatable - Impressed? We thought unduplicatable sounded mad intelligent too!

With our valued partnership with NASCAR and it's venues, long course events do not interest us - because they don't interest many of you. Been there, done that. We prefer shorter distances with a great, family friendly experience at our unique venues. Regardless you will see we don't take ourselves too seriously, we're welcoming to all people of all abilities and isn't that refreshing in this space! When you aren't anchored in the past, you're free to reimagine the future.

Nah. Our goal isn't a distance, it's an experience. Our events fit the venue. This includes a family and spectator friendly atmosphere. Not to mention extremely safe venues.

Distance is a number and can be a very important, specific goal. We truly respect that since most of us are onefortypointsixers. But people have limited time to train, spend time with family, work and be involved in their communities - now more than ever. CLASH Endurance puts on some of the best pro events in the world, with world class coverage - but even pros have limits of how many long course events and A races you can jam into a calendar. Keep it Clashy!

Depends. We were officially established as CLASH Endurance, an independent company in Summer of 2021. But our team consists of experts in race operations, strategic planning, digital strategy and sponsorship and we're all athletes of varying degree - from pro to for-fun. So while we're building our brand equity and race portfolio, we have very seasoned people on staff who care, a lot.

Youbetcha! Everyone is welcome to join. Check out our CLASH Endurance Strava Club page and tell your friends. We’ll be keeping an eye on it - we’re full of surprises.

Found 'em! We were just talking about how you look fabulous! You can access all photos from past events on our Photos Page.


That's funny. We were just talking about how we'd love to partner with you! We don't do transactional - we prefer real, mutually beneficial, relationships with our partners. This can include everything from title sponsorships, sports science, digital content, television and social media collaborations. We can help you launch your product, test your product or teach people about your product or service. Let's have a chat. Click to Email Us.

Impactful partnerships. We're extremely creative, digitally savvy, experienced across all formats and mediums and listen you you first. We're not selling anything, we're looking for partners that wish to grow along side of CLASH Endurance. We're going to put time into understanding your objectives and customize a program that makes sense for you and your business. We don't do Gold/Silver/Bronze - we do custom.

Depends. We've seen a lot of bullying in the space and think it's lame. We want our athletes to promote their sponsorships without handcuffs. And we wish to promote our partners across our venues, TV, streaming and social media channels in very authentic formats. When a partnership warrants exclusivity, we will entertain it - but only if it doesn't hurt the sport.

Are we willing? It's in our DNA. You know those things that you can't make happen anywhere else? That's us. We're seeking innovators in the space across a variety of event formats, technologies and products. If that's you we'd love to talk.


Finishing last is an honor in itself. It means you started, and you didn't quit and you took it all in. That's our favorite race experience.

If for any reason, though rare, CLASH Endurance cancels, we’ll refund athletes the registration fee, minus a $39 administrative fee. 

This is ONLY if the operations team has to CANCEL for any reason. 

Triathlon: CLASH Endurance is sanctioned by USA Triathlon. You must be a current USAT member to participate or you may purchase a one-day license (required to complete the online registration process).  All USAT rules will be in effect during the event. CLASH Endurance events that currently require you to have a USAT License: 

Cycling: CLASH Endurance is sanctioned by USA Cycling.  You must be a current USAC member to participate or you may purchase a one- day license (required to complete the online registration process).  All USAC will be in effect during the event.  CLASH Endurance events that currently require you to have a USAC License: 

Clash Endurance is committed to providing a safe experience for all participants at our events. To ensure a safe atmosphere and the best experience for athletes, youth and adult alike, Clash Endurance has reviewed current research into physical fitness, long term athlete development, and International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), USA Track & Field (USATF), and USA Triathlon (USAT) guidelines to create an age policy for our races.


5k 8*

Half Marathon 16

Kids Triathlon 7-11

Sprint Du/Triathlon 16 (may be as young as 12)

Middle Distance Du/Triathlon 16+ (must be at least 17 to qualify in USAT nationals)

Redline Relay 16+

Clash Endurance recommends youths to participate in these distances with a family member and focus on healthy life style, fun and completing the distance not just time or competition.

*Jingle Jog 5k participants under the age of  8 are welcome to run, walk, or ride in a stroller with their parents or guardians.  Those under the age of 8 eligible to participate at no charge, however only registered “numbered bib” participants are eligible for t-shirt and finisher medal.